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Growing Leaders for Life

The health of your organization depends on the overall well-being and emotional maturity of your leadership. In many cases, managers and supervisors devote up to 90% of their formal training time focused only on the technical or industry-specific aspects of their role. Unfortunately, this means the interpersonal skills required to minimize politics, resolve conflict, increase retention, and improve morale are often missing. Productivity and creativity are compromised in any environment in which the socio-emotional skill sets of your team have not paralleled the evolutionary challenges of your business.

David Benzel’s Purposeful Leadership program integrates a comprehensive approach to leadership development that creates value-centered leaders at work, in the community, and at home. The personal and professional transformation of your team in the Purposeful Leadership program gives them the tools to:


  • Add value to any interaction or meeting through acts of service
  • Inspire others to do the necessary things required for reaching goals
  • Understand and adjust their personal managements style to meet the needs of others
  • Teach team members how to maximize their potential
  • Create an environment in the workplace that dramatically improves productivity and morale

Through a series of interactive live seminars, David addresses the fundamental assumptions leaders make about themselves, their roles, and their team members. Small group discussions give participants the opportunity to explore these limiting beliefs while developing their own emotional maturity for the purpose of serving the greater good of your organization.


Purposeful Leadership focuses not only on the “why” of the organization, but also the purpose of each individual person’s efforts. Leaders learn how to articulate and influence their team through the lens of a value-centered approach surrounded by the organization’s ideology. The effectiveness of this curriculum is found in its unique combination of topics that are directed at Personal Growth and Organization Health.

David Benzel is the Founder of Growing Leaders for Life. He is an author, corporate coach, trainer, and speaker. David brings a business owner’s experience, an athlete’s discipline, and a coach’s inspiration, to teach relationship skills for succeeding in business and in life.


In addition, he is:


  • An eight-time National Water Ski Champion;
  • Former coach of the U.S. Water Ski Team;
  • Recipient of the Award of Distinction from the Water Ski Hall of Fame;
  • Served as a commentator on ESPN for the X Games and the Professional Water Ski Tour.

Growing Leaders for Life provides leaders, managers, and supervisors with practical tools & positive strategies for meeting the highest priority needs of their followers, and creating the healthiest organizational culture possible. Clients include Balfour Beatty Construction, The Villages, Allstate Insurance, Sprint, Nextel Communications, Kaufman Lynn Construction, Simpson Motors, UNNA Luxury Resorts, USA Gymnastics, US Figure Skating, USA Swimming, and the United States Tennis Association.

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Purposeful Leadership Program

The purpose of the Purposeful Leadership program is to elevate the personal credibility, maturity, and level of positive influence people have with those they serve. By increasing each person’s leadership skills, they will be more effective in serving and developing the people around them. The ultimate goal is organizational health – the kind that attracts and keeps people who share our values and vision.



The workshops are completely customizable from the many topics below. Each topic is a 90‐minute to 2‐hour session. There will be a handout for each participant to add to their personal leadership development notebook. Click on each topic below to learn more.


Who Do You Think You Are?

Credibility – perhaps the single most important ingredient for a person of influence.

Developing the Leader Within You

When you understand why athletes have such loyalty to some coaches you’ll also understand why they
hit new and higher goals every year.  

The Keys to Connecting with People

Why are some people so good at connecting with a wide spectrum of personalities?  

Handling Conflict Constructively

Create an atmosphere where differences are seen as a blessing.

Better Than Duct Tape

Just how good a communicator are you?  

Streamline Your Stressline

Everyone endures stress in their life, but why do some have less or handle what they have so much better
than others?

How Individuals Go From Good to Great

Transforming a business from “good to great” is a journey well-documented in the book “Good to Great”
by James Collins.

Being in Your Right Mind for Creative Solutions

Develop your creative problem solving skills for creating the dynamic solutions required for today’s

How to Master the Moments

Why is there never enough time to do all the things you’d like to do?

Prisoner, Settler, or Pioneer?

Why do some people succeed in life no matter what obstacles they encounter?



Begin With the End in Mind

There exists some fundamental differences between organizations which have been designed with the future in mind, and those whose focus is today.

Getting to the Heart of Change

The pressures on organizations to change will only increase over the next decade.

Building Teams That Trust

Developing trust within an organization is a skill that can be learned.  

Creating Synergistic Teams that Work

There are significant reasons why some teams out-perform other teams.

How to Put the Right People on the Bus

Great managers do things differently.

Solving the Mystery of Motivation

Solving the mystery of motivation, and discovering why motivating others often fails in the long run, is essential to personal leadership

How Credible Coaches Create Peak Performers

To be remembered as the coach that helped an employee win on his/her professional journey is one of the most fulfilling experiences in the workplace.


The overwhelming majority of leaders are dissatisfied with the efficiency and effectiveness of their meetings.

Focus on Our Best for a Change

The pressures on organizations to change will only increase over the next decade.

How to Create Raving Fans

Transforming a business from “good to great” is a journey well-documented in the book “Good to Great” by James Collins.  

Inspired Performers Don’t Have a J.O.B.

What is it that really generates high productivity in your team members?

The Power of One – What is Your Rally Cry?

Within every organization there are people who under-estimate the impact they can have on results.


Inspired Leaders Track

Leaders are learners.  It’s an ongoing journey from good to great that every leader, manager,supervisor, or aspiring leader must embrace.  There’s so much to learn, so many concepts to grasp and new habits to acquire – yet so little time.  How can you create a learning organization in which every leader and team member has easy access to educational resources that have a powerful impact on their personal effectiveness?


David Benzel’s Inspired Leaders Track is the answer.  We’ve created an online resource for your team members that utilize inspiring videos, educational webinars, and informative articles making professional development time-efficient and flexible.  Your customized web page (with your logo) will include a new video, webinar, and article each month. These single-point lessons focus on teaching important practical strategies and inspiring positive attitudes for the workplace.


Are your team members developing as leaders and growing as people?  Would it help if each month they had easy access to information about topics like these?


  • Arriving On the Same Page – team culture & values
  • Becoming a Person of Influence – leadership style
  • Keys to Connecting with People —  adapting to personal styles
  • Constructive Conflict – learning through conflict
  • Getting to the Heart of Change – getting over our fears
  • Putting the Right People on the Bus – hiring strategies
  • Coaching with Credibility – growing your people
  • And much, much more…

Each month your team members will find fresh new content on your “Inspired Leaders” web page.These resources will provide great discussion topics during meetings and challenge each person to grow.  

Inspired Leaders Track is like having an internal leadership university at a fraction the cost.

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In order for your organization to move from good to great, the people within it must first move from Chump to Champ. It is a journey that must start on the individual level, and requires persistence and direction every step of the way. Join David Benzel on one of the most significant and meaningful endeavors you or your team will ever take.

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